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Get a Grip!!! Mark & Brett explain how to acurately meaure your racquet size…

Playing tennis with the correct grip size is crucial to performance, and the prevention of injury.     Selecting the most optimal size grip for your hand size will enable you to use your racquet more efficiently and effectively. The goal is to get optimal hand surface which allows you to grip the racquet with less effort.

Why? The right grip size enables your forearm and hand muscles to be at an optimal length/tension relationship and joint structures to be in a more neutral position, thus improving your tennis…well hopefully!  Incorrect grip size can cause arm, wrist and forearm injuries such as: tennis elbow, tendinitis/tenosynovitis, wrist sprain or pain and shoulder injuries.

With a grip too small, you will try to compensate for less contact area by squeezing harder than you should, which increases your risk of tennis elbow. You also need to avoid the premature muscle fatigue that results from having to hang on to the racquet with a tight grip. The grip should always feel comfortable.

Overgrips and overwraps can increase the overall size of the grip by sometimes as much as a full grip size. When purchasing your racquet, you may need to get a smaller grip size to accommodate using an overgrip in the future. Keep in mind that grip sizes can be made bigger, but it is near impossible to make a grip smaller than it’s original size.

When purchasing a racquet don’t guess or compromise – measure!          

Click HERE to print your information brochure “How to measure your tennis racquet grip size” 

Tennis racquet grips


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Archies Thongs have arrived, just in time for summer!

archies-foot-images  archies-mint archies-black-thong

Finally a fashionable and affordable orthopaedic support thong, and for only $35.00 why wouldn’t you get your feet into some comfort this summer?

At PhysioFit we only supply products that we can vouch for ourselves, and with Archies Thongs we are certainly more than happy.  Our physiotherapists and staff all wear Archies thongs, and not just in summer either as these are a great alternative to bare feet around the house all year round! Here are some of the reasons we just love Archies…

Flat thongs offer the feet very little support, which can lead to unwanted stress and strain for both the foot and lower limb/leg.  Archies Arch Support Thongs aim to reduce the potentially damaging stresses and strains by offering a level of support similar to that provided by orthotics to promote improved skeletal alignment.  Poor alignment has been found to be a contributing factor in a range of musculoskeletal injuries, including different forms of back, hip, knee, shin and foot pain.

Archies Thongs are the perfect choice of thongs for anyone seeking a level of support not provided by normal flat thongs, as well as those who experience common foot and lower limb/leg issues such as increased pronation (where the foot rolls inwards). Increased pronation alters the way stress and strain are absorbed through the body, which can potentially lead to injury. Injuries arising from increased pronation are more common in people with flat arches, although it can occur in all foot types.

Archies Thongs are ideal for everyone and are a great choice for those seeking an extremely comfortable feel while enjoying the added benefit of increased support.  They are also ideal for those who have high arches, as this foot type has a tendency to incur increased stress on the outside of the foot and leg and can provide even distribution of pressure and load across the foot.

Some of the Features and Benefits of Archies Thongs:

  • Legitimate Orthotic / Arch Support – Archies Thongs have a similar amount of support as most off the shelf orthotics. This may help to support the foot and improve foot posture, thereby potentially reducing the strain on your feet and lower limbs.
  • Two Levels of Arch Support – You can never cater for every person with one shaped arch profile. Archies Thongs have the options of either Standard Arch Support or High Arch Support, this helps us to specifically cater to your foot type and support needs.
  • Unbelievable Comfort! – The orthotic / arch support found in Archies Thongs combines with a super soft, highly resilient foam to provide an unbelievably comfortable feel, irrespective of whether or not you wear orthotics or have issues with your feet making them the perfect thong to wear when out walking or as a slipper in and around the house.
  • Ultra-Light – The highly specialised foam material found in Archies Thongs is ultralight in comparison to other orthopaedic thongs which may result in less tired and achy feet at the end of the day, making them the perfect thong when travelling!
  • Tighter Strap – In thongs with a loose strap, your toes claw down and you do not get the protective support from the arch like you are supposed to. The tighter strap in Archies Thongs may help to reduce toe clawing allowing you to walk more naturally.
  • One piece construction – As the thongs are all moulded as one you are far less likely to break the toe pole as you are in thongs with a base and plug configuration.
  • All of these features combine to provide a thong that is perfect for rest and recovery after exercise and sport. This is why Archies Thongs are the choice of thongs for many professional athletes Australia wide.

Once you try Archies Arch Support Thongs you will never want to take them off your feet…come into the clinic and try a pair for yourself!





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Steve Mona

Thursday 8th September is World Physiotherapy Day!

APAEach year, on 8 September, we celebrate World Physiotherapy Day, a global event recognising the incredible role physiotherapists play in the community and the relationships that patients have with their physiotherapist. The theme for this year’s World Physiotherapy Day is ‘add life to years’.

Physiotherapy helps Australians of all ages be active, stay independent and have quality of life.

Physiotherapists are health professionals who play a key role in helping people with long-term conditions achieve their goals, fulfil their potential and participate fully in society. They work with people to maximise movement and functional ability. If you have problems that affect your mobility, ask a physiotherapist, the qualified experts in movement and exercise.

As the peak body representing the interests of Australian physiotherapists and their patients, the APA are passionate about championing rehabilitation. The APA represents more than 23 000 members who conduct over 23 million consultations each year. On World Physiotherapy Day, we promote awareness of the benefits of physiotherapy in the prevention, maintenance and treatment of injuries to ensure all Australians can add life to years.

This World Physiotherapy Day, the APA is launching a community mosaic showcasing the different ways everyone can add life to years. Have a place in the mosaic by sharing your photo on social media using the hashtag #addlifetoyears.

Our ambassador

One of Australia’s most celebrated athletes, Steve Moneghetti, an Australian long-distance runner, has joined the APA as the ambassador for this year’s World Physiotherapy Day to help improve the quality of life for Australia’s ageing population.

‘I know the importance of listening to my body and using physiotherapists to help me achieve my best,’ Moneghetti said. ‘I have seen the difference physiotherapists can make, but I am lucky as many people have little understanding of the important role health experts such as physiotherapists play in the maintenance of a functioning, strong and healthy body – and I want to change that. Physiotherapy can change our quality of life dramatically and it can literally add life to years for our ageing population.’

Steve is proud to share how physiotherapy, as well as his running, will add life to years.

Do you live with body aches and pains?

Speak to your local APA physiotherapist Mark Eibl at PhysioFit Berwick! Ph: 9707 4452  Email:

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Pain. Is it all just in your mind? Professor Lorimer Moseley, Physiotherapist seminar

Pain has been part of the human experience longer than magnetic bracelets, ergonomic chairs, whiplash and repetitive strain injury. Yet it is just in the last few decades that we have realised how terrifically complex pain really is and how wrong many of our assumptions about pain really are.

Pain is an important issue. Its impact on our society is staggering – more Australians suffer from chronic pain than diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer combined. Every day, chronic pain and its management costs Australia almost a million dollars. How can this be?

In this fascinating Knowledge Works lecture, Professor Lorimer Moseley, Physiotherapist at the University of South Australia, will examine two important questions – “Why does it hurt?” and “Why does it still hurt?” He will share findings from his international research investigating the role of the brain and mind in chronic pain disorders.

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Five important tips for Tradies to avoid injuries – Kyle and Kara

Berwick, Beaconsfield,Officer tradies encouraged to watch more than just their backs during Tradies National Health Month

Australian Physiotherapy Association leads the annual Tradies National Health Month during August, 2016

In this next u-tube video featured above, Kyal and Kara provide five important tips for our tradies to ensure they are looking after their bodies on and off the job.

MEDIA RELEASE                                                                                                               

Physiofit Berwick physiotherapists are calling on tradies in Casey and Cardinia to watch more than just their backs during Tradies National Health Month this August. It comes as Australia’s tradies continue to have among the poorest health and safety conditions of workers across all sectors.

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) leads Tradies National Health Month to educate Australian tradies to keep a check on their safety, health and wellbeing, and to help minimise the risk of serious injury for our labourers, technicians, machinery operators and drivers, amongst other tradie groups.

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Get on board – Tradies National Health Month is August!

Berwick, Beaconsfield,Officer tradies encouraged to watch more than just their backs during Tradies National Health Month

Australian Physiotherapy Association announces annual Tradies National Health Month for August 2016

MEDIA RELEASE                                                                                                               

Physiofit Berwick physiotherapists are calling on tradies in Casey and Cardinia to watch more than just their backs during Tradies National Health Month this August. It comes as Australia’s tradies continue to have among the poorest health and safety conditions of workers across all sectors.

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) leads Tradies National Health Month to educate Australian tradies to keep a check on their safety, health and wellbeing.

Tradies have among the highest serious injury and disease compensation claims in Australia, according to Safe Work Australia data. Labourers, technicians, and machinery operators and drivers are among the top four occupations when it comes to number of serious injury claims.

The majority of serious claims are from injuries and musculoskeletal disorders, including traumatic joint, ligament, muscle and tendon injuries. While backs still present the highest proportion of body stress injury claims, other body parts affected include upper limbs, lower legs, hips, the abdomen and the pelvic region.

Research also shows tradespersons, labourers and workers across the agricultural and construction industries have high risks of chronic health conditions.

APA physiotherapist Mark Eibl says it is important to remind tradies that their health and safety is a priority.

“This Tradies National Health Month, we want tradies to look after all aspects of their health and wellbeing,” Mark Eibl said. “Everyone—from tradies to their employers, unions and the communities and governments that rely on them—has a role to play in getting our tradies to be proactive about managing and preventing health conditions. It starts with seeking evidence-based treatments like physiotherapy.”

From musculoskeletal support, physiotherapists extend their care into chronic health impacts, like heart disease and diabetes, and the lesser-known pelvic floor issues men face. Physiotherapists are experts in helping to reduce the alarmingly common health and safety issues associated with working in labour intensive industries.

The Block and Reno Rumble favourites Kyal and Kara Demmrich (‘The Super Ks’) will help lead the campaign, using their respective backgrounds of carpenter and physiotherapist to spread the message that health and wellbeing must be tradies’ most important tools (See U tube video below).

For more information visit or or phone Physiofit on 97074452.

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PhysioFit Berwick is growing!

We have three new staff members at PhysioFit Berwick….

Luke Mason, sports podiatrist

Jessica Masters, physiotherapist, and

Amanda Urquiola, receptionist.

Luke Mason – Sports Podiatrist

Luke, an accredited member of the Australian Podiatry Association (APODA), is a client-focused clinician with experience treating a variety of lower limb injuries and a special interest in plantar heel pain, shin splints and Achilles tendinopathy. He incorporates a number of evidence-based treatment modalities into his service offerings including dry needling, orthotic therapy and partial toe nail avulsion. He currently works at the clinic on Thursday mornings. Luke’s areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Myofascial pain syndrome
  • Plantar heel pain
  • Skiing biomechanics and Skiing injuries
  • Achilles Tendinopathy
  • Football (AFL and soccer) injuries
  • Footwear assessment and prescription
  • Ingrown toenail surgeries (wedge resection)

Jessica Masters – Physiotherapist

Jess is a qualified Physiotherapist and valuable member of the PhysioFit clinical team. She has a keen interest in clinical Pilates and runs Pilates assessments and classes as required. Jess is currently running individual Pilates sessions, as well as classes as required on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Please discuss with our reception team if you are interested or click here for more information.

Amanda Urquiola – Receptionist

Amanda is the newest member of the PhysioFit reception team. You will see her friendly face on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

It is terrific to see the team growing and service provision expanding at PhysioFit Berwick!

Mark Eibl, Physiotherapist

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PhysioFit – first 2 weeks!

What has happened since the launch event….

We opened the doors to appointments on Monday 25th Jan, 2016 – only 2 short weeks ago – at PhysioFit Berwick. We have had a terrific response to the first few weeks of opening. Thanks to all who have supported the clinic in our infancy and opening weeks.

The launch event was a terrific success – thanks to all of those who attended – what a great start to PhysioFit Berwick. We had a crowd attend the launch, including including many children who seemed to enjoy the sausage sizzle and the helium balloons.

It is still very early days – if you are interested in just taking a walk through the premises and meeting Mark, please just drop by and our friendly receptionists Leanne and Cathy will anwer your questions and give you a quick tour. We look forward to providing a high quality physiotherapy service for Berwick-Beaconsfield-Officer in the coming years.

Mark Eibl, Physiotherapist

P1050041        P1050056        P1050054        P1050043

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PhysioFit has opened its doors!

Launch Event this Friday 29th from 6:30pm….

Wow! So exciting to be at this point – we opened the doors to appointments today (Monday 25th Jan, 2016) at PhysioFit Berwick. We have 12 patients booked in across the day, but we hope for a few more walking in, calling in or booking in online during the day. Thank you to my most loyal patients and of course, our very first new patients, for supporting PhysioFit Berwick.

It has certainly been a journey over the past 6-8 months! There have definitely been a few challenges, including meeting the requirements for the building/council and getting power connected (SP Ausnet took 3 months to do a 15 minute job, but we do have power now!). The support from friends and family has helped me through these few challenging months, and I am now looking forward to the first few weeks and beyond for this new stage of life and career as a business owner and practitioner.

Most of all, I am really looking forward to starting work (how lucky am I!), and I’m energised to begin treating my clients.

If anyone is in the area, please drop by during the official launch / opening event to be held this Friday 29th January from 6:30pm. Come in, take a tour, meet the team, my family and enjoy a canape and a drink with us. Sausage sizzle for the kids as well!

Hope to see you there……

Mark Eibl, Physiotherapist


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Killer Couch

 Australia’s biggest killer is in your house right now

It’s widely known Australia’s wildlife can be dangerous, but there is an even bigger killer in most households that many of us are unaware of its devastating impact.

That killer is the couch.

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