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Ergonomic pillows and mattresses

PhysioFit Berwick offers the following services to improve sleep quality and quantity for those with unique ergonomic needs:

  • Pillow fitting and supply: Assessing the correct pillow height and support customised to the individual is critical to obtain a neutral posture / position of the spine. This helps to ‘unload’ the spine and surrounding muscles while we sleep.
  • Mattress selection: Advice can be provided regarding mattress selection and referral to be custom-fitted to your body type.
  • Sleep seminar: Sign up for a free information session about sleeping postures, correct pillow and mattress types and options. Please contact the clinic for the next seminar date.

Products provided by Health Innovations Australia, an Australian owned company of health professionals, dedicated to delivering products which are scientifically designed to match individual’s needs specifically in the areas of Ergonomics and Sleep.