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Sports Injuries

Most sports injuries can be effectively treated or prevented through physiotherapy. Through physiotherapy techniques you will be able to return safely to your sport sooner, with lower likelihood of injury recurrence. Our physiotherapists have the training and experience to accurately diagnose and perform effective treatment to get you back into social, club or elite/professional sport. When you are treated at PhysioFit Berwick you will have a have ‘hands on’ therapy from manual therapists as well as exercise prescription; not just talking.


Treatment and rehabilitation can and should normally start early after an injury. Physiotherapy techniques can help to reduce the duration of the injury so that you can return to your sporting activities safely and more rapidly. Rehabilitation through exercise and strengthening also facilitates good outcomes and the return of normal muscle and nerve function.

Important Things to Know
  • Warm-up and warm-down!
  • Use appropriate footwear and sporting equipment.
  • Proper conditioning and fitness specific to your sport.