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Our Team

Dr Thushurika Dissanayaka, Physiotherapist

Thush is a highly accomplished physiotherapist with a passion for evidence-based practice. She earned her physiotherapy degree from the University of Peradeniya in 2011 and completed her PhD at Monash University, Australia, in 2021. Thush has extensive experience in teaching and research.

Thush adopts a comprehensive approach to treatment, incorporating a diverse range of techniques such as exercises, mobilization, electrotherapy, dry needling, and hydrotherapy. Her treatment philosophy revolves around providing personalized care and implementing effective strategies rooted in the latest research findings.

Central to Thush’s practice is her firm belief in the significance of hands-on treatment, patient education, and understanding individual values. She customizes therapy plans by integrating tailored exercises, ensuring that each patient’s unique needs are addressed.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Thush enjoys cooking and spending time with her family. With her expertise and commitment to excellence, patients can trust Thush to provide compassionate care and support their journey to optimal health.